Log of The SCC Database's Official Object Classes

Standard Object Classes:

Class Description
Safe A SCP/SCC that can be left alone in their chamber and they will not escape, they can still be harmful.
Euclid A SCP/SCC that can be left in its containment chamber, but you don't know if it could escape, and it is somewhat dangerous. Usually, if it is sentient, it is Euclid.
Keter A SCP/SCC that can be left in its containment chamber, and it will definitely escape. Also: An anomaly feasibly capable of causing an XK-End-of-the-World Scenario, or altering human life in a potentially serious manner.
Thaumiel A SCP/SCC that helps contain SCPs or SCCs, or it is the thing containing the SCP/SCC.
Explained An anomaly that have been fully understood to the point where their effects are now explainable by mainstream science, they have been debunked or falsely mistaken as an anomaly.

Non-Standard Object Classes:

Class Description
Apollyon An anomaly that can't be contained which will eventually and undoubtedly screw us all over with no mercy. God save us all.
Yggdrasil An anomaly capable in any fashion of causing a ZK-End-of-Reality Scenario, or altering reality in a serious, potentially detrimental manner.
Maksur An anomaly that is physically broken into pieces and when brought together assembles the full anomaly.
Zeno A anomaly with medium containment difficulty, but has a low threat. Refers to SCP 2005.
53 An anomaly that is highly intrusive, has unknown capabilities, and unknown nature.
Archon A classification for SCPs that should not be contained (even though they are capable of being contained) because containment would have a disastrous impact on the continued existence of humanity. More colloquially, an Archon class SCP "will literally break the world if you contain it."

Side Object Classes:1

Side Class Description
Mild A SCP/SCC that is almost completely safe to interact, unless handled in an extremely irresponsible manner.
Anatta An anomaly capable of causing a YK-End-of-the-Universe Scenario, or altering the universe in a serious, potentially detrimental manner through non-improbable means.
Truculent A dangerous, often unpredictable anomaly that is significantly dangerous to interact with.
Simpatico An anomaly that, while rather unpredictable, doesn't often present a serious threat.
Embla An anomaly that the foundation uses to create other SCPs.
BFF Needs to be pet often.

Custom Object Classes:2

Custom Class Type Description Creator
Complicado3 Side An anomaly that can easily escape, but poses absolutely no threat.4 MstrrerrrrrrrrrrrMstrrerrrrrrrrrrr
Arma-Thuamiel5 Main An anomaly used specifically as a weapon and is deemed very essential to the foundation. MstrrerrrrrrrrrrrMstrrerrrrrrrrrrr
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