SCC 001 "Maldor"

Item: SCC - 001

Object Class: Yggdrasil1

Nickname: Maldor

Special Containment Procedures: This SCC is to be stored in a 50 x 50 x 10-meter room, completely furnished. This SCC is to be no less than 2 Kilometers under the ground. This SCC is to be fed once a week, no exceptions, This SCC is to be stored in Site-[REDACTED] in sector [REDACTED]. Keeping this SCC away from society is the top priority. If the SCC escapes containment, the facility is prepared to collapse, and detonate 15 nuclear warheads in an attempt to terminate the SCC.

Description: SCC 001 is a [REDACTED] humanoid figure, sex is unknown. It has a supernatural staff that uses the power of wisps of unknown matter to activate. It is theorized that if this SCC gains [DATA LOST] wisps in its staff, it has the ability to cause a ZK-End-of-Reality Scenario.

Addendum 001-1:

SCP 001 was first recovered into the SCC Foundation's hands in the year 20██ at █████, Russia. The Russian Government was alerted of this SCC when people in the surrounding area complained of a "Lack of [DATA LOST]" At this time, the SCC Foundation was alerted, and all available units were sent out to attempt containment of SCC-001. [REDACTED] units of the Red Right Hand, the Intelligence Agency and Russian forces shook the Earth. SCC-001 was eventually contained and was since given the classification of "Yggdrasil"

Addendum 001-2:

[DATA EXPUNGED] on [DATA LOST] by ███████. This led to the findings of [DATA LOST], and [REDACTED]. No tests are to ever be carried out on this SCC anymore.

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