SCC 025

Item: SCC 0251

Object Class: Safe Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCC-025 is kept at Site-53 in the Low Containment Sector Safe Zone. SCC-025 is to be kept in a 2 x 2 x 2-meter box at night located in the hallways. SCC 025 is allowed to wander around SZ, LCZ, and HCZ unless it is night. Testing can be done on SCC-025 with the approval of O5+. SCC-025's containment room is to be guarded with 3+ MTF/SD at all times.

Description: SCC-025 looks like a cat, a glowing angelic cat. Anybody within a 3-meter radius of SCC-025 will be cured of anything with a low disease2 or below (but not 'harmless') and will be cured of their darkness depending on if it is level 3 darkness3 or below. 025 seems to somehow neutralize any level 4 darkness that comes in a 4-meter radius (see Addendum 025-2 for details.) SCC 025 seems to be content with anything, even SCP 682.

Addendum 025-1:

Date: 2/23/1999


Addendum 025-2:

Date: 3/8/2000

Some researchers came up with the idea of putting SCC 025 into SCC 033's cell

A security department unit came into SCC 033's cell, put down SCC 025, and then left.
SCC 025 would meow while walking half-way over to SCC 033.
SCC 033: "What is this thing?"
SCC 025 got closer to SCC 033.
SCC 033: "Stop it there, you cannot harness my knowledge!"
SCC 025 jumped on SCC 033's table, and then SCC 033's jar exploded, neutralizing SCC 033.
And SCC 025 somehow wasn't hurt.

End of Log

Addendum 025-3:


An undercover Class D Personnel gave the idea to a security department unit to give SCC 025 to D-803-09 to overcome his criminal manner.

Dr. Malwats: "So, we have some bad news D-803-09."
D-803-09: "And what's that?" D-803-09 said that in a rude manner
Dr. Malwats: lies "Your contract has expired, you're due for termination."
D-803-09: "Seriously? What the hell?! D-803-09 bangs the table.
Dr. Malwats: "Oh, wait, sorry about that, we've gotten the wrong Class D."
D-803-09: "That's a relief." D-803-09 sighs.


A L4 Personnel: "Okay D-803-09 we have some bad news and good news."
A L4 Personnel: "But first, let's bring in SCC 025 to comfort you."
The security department overseer would walk in, handing SCC 025 to D-803-09.
D-803-09: "Go on…"
A L4 Personnel: "Your contract has expired, you're due for termination."
D-803-09: "I accept my fate, I have done many crimes, and am willing to pay my debts to god. D-803-09 said that in a way he just gained a spiritual insight.
A L4 Personnel: "…And that concludes the experiment."
D-803-09: "This was an experiment, I did not know that."

End of Log

The Disease Level Chart:

Level Examples
Harmless ADHD, ADD
Very Low Chicken Pox, Serious Rash/Hives
Low Common Cold
Medium HIV, Smallpox
High Lung Cancer
Deadly Cancer, Black Death

The Darkness Level Chart:

Level Examples
-1 SCP 999
0 SCP 871, SCP 1162
1 SCP 650
2 SCP 096, SCP 178
3 SCP 173, SCC 049
4 SCC 033, SCP 1025, SCP 012
5 SCP 205, SCP 049, Some Keter Items
6 SCP 682, SCP 169, SCP 970, Apollyon Items
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