SCC 049

Item #: SCC-049
Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCC-049 is to be kept in a 25 x 30 x 20-meter cell, with Class-A glass Class-A-1-B bulletproof glass, 1-meter x 1-meter x 1 meter. The entrance to the cell is to be a Class-A vault with the code of: ██████, and it must be changed every week. SCC is restricted to Class-IV hazardous containment. SCC-049, when escorted, is to be escorted with 5 armed guards, and a shock collar. Any personnel entering SCC-049's containment chamber must have 3 armed guards. In the case SCC-049 is being tested, no less than four (4) Class-D are to be used. Testing on SCC-049 is to be only approved by Site Director+ L5+ personnel.

Description: SCC-049 is a humanoid that takes the look of an ████-10. SCC-049 is highly skilled with guns and is NOT allowed to be given guns unless permission from a Site Director+ O5+. Any personnel within 35 meters of SCC-049 will be sensed by SCC-049. SCC-049 is not allowed to be cross-tested, or fight against another SCP (Especially SCP-076-2), SCC-049 has killed ██ SCPs already.

Addendum: SCC_049-█:

Date: 9/██/20██

Interviewer: "SCC-049, are you awake?"
SCC-049: "Yes, yes I am."
Interviewer: "Why do you think you're here?"
SCC-049: "I'm one of.. them."
Interviewer: "Who?"
SCC-049: "The other 'things' like me."
Interviewer: "Um, ok."
Interviewer: "Why are you so good with guns?"
SCC-049: "I've been training since 19██."
SCC-049 begins to somehow say something perfectly backward.
Interviewer: "Umm…"
SCC-049 begins to break the window.

The interviewer pulls out his radio communications and says "049's unstable, I repeat, 049's unstable"
SCC-049 successfully broke through the window, then it killed the interviewer and the guards that were watching the interview.

SCC-049 was then re-contained in █ hours.

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