SCC 053 - Feed. Me. More.

Item #: SSC - 200

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-200 Must be contained in a room the size of a room, it must follow a balanced diet, it must have access to a bed, windows and a table, all these items NEED to be reinforced with pure steel, its food must be placed twice a day, it is mandatory to have chicken and sweet potatoes, it must be cleaned once a week, every day SCP-200 Must be watched during the 15:30 to 20:00 (Read addendum 200-A) Only Trained personnel are allowed to enter the SCP-200 cell To prevent a moment of fury for the SCP, no SCP or human, or animal physically stronger, or apparently stronger, than he should enter his cell (see Addendum 200-B )

SCP-200 Is a blond man with blue eyes, measuring 1.91 Meters and weighing 120 Kg (266 lb), was found in █████, █████ United States, his skin is hard as iron, his strength is its greatest characteristic, after some tests it was revealed that SCP-200 would be able to lift SCP-682. With extreme ease, his personality is described as impatient and aggressive, anything is considered a challenge by him, which needs more care , when any being approaches SCP-200, it will face the being for minutes, until this same being does something, if it is some kind of dangerous movement, SCP-200 will react with brutality and fury, making a quick judgment that he will be attacked, if the creature react calmly, SCP-200 Will react calmly and safely, when any creature interacts with SCP-200 for a time greater than 20 Minutes, the same creature would feel intimidated and stressed.

Addendum 200-A
SCP-200 He was in his cell, training something that looked like a martial style, it was when he started attacking the wall of his cell, with each blow, the next was stronger, eventually he escaped from his cell after opening a hole in it, later he was captured and returned to his base, when he was asked about his attitude, he only responds that the 3 and a half is the best schedule for training because at this moment he is more electric and stronger and faster than the normal, just slowing down when the clock advances another 4 Hours and a half, hitting exactly 20:00.

Addendum 200-B
The D-Class number 301 (which had the largest physical size among all D classes) is loose in the SCP-200 cell, he was busy doing push-ups, he counts up to 200. Before stopping and facing the D-Class, he he approaches the face-to-face, the order is given for the D-Class to retreat as this could be dangerous, but he disobeys this order and tries to attack SCP-200 that takes the attack that seems to have no effect, on the other hand, the D-Class seems to have injured himself with this punch, SCP-200 Reacts by attacking him with a punch on his face, the same does not stop there, releasing a sequence of punches against Class D 301, which flies away from the cell, after some studies, it was revealed that only the first punch would be enough to pluck out his head if he had been better applied, after being interrogated, SCP-200 reveals that he only attacked him because he thought he would have a good challenge.

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