SCC-056 the Heavyweight Cat

Item #: SCC-056

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCC-056 is to be kept in a simple 10 foot tall 10 feet wide concrete box with a king size bed, a 3 foot pool with a ramp leading inside and outside, an hourly meal of 20 pounds of fish, preferably salmon, and a chew toy. If any of its surroundings or belongings are destroyed, they are to be repaired or replaced. If SCC-056 were to escape containment, leave a trail of salmon back into its containment cell. Regular care, such as trimming SCC-056's fur or playing with SCC-056, is recommended for Class-D Personnel. If SCC-056 feels threatened, it rolls around attempting to squash random objects within 10 feet to intimidate its attacker. If Class-D or personnel are to threaten SCC-056, they are removed from the room to avoid harm.

Description: SCC-056 is a 5'7 2 ton pound cat with yellow eyes. Though it isn't confirmed on species, it is thought to be a Turkish Angora, Persian Cat, or Ragdoll. SCC-056 is unable to walk normally due to its body shape and size, and its tail seems to be removed from the body.

Reference: to date, SCC-056 has only caused harm to one Class-D, who threatened SCC-056 by pretending to be a dog. SCC-056 has destroyed 5 king size beds, 9 pools, and 12 toys.

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