SCC 073

Item #: SCC - 073

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCC 073 is to be kept in a room that represents an average corporate business meeting room. There are weekly checks for any escape methods, damages, or etc. SCC 073 must be contained in its room or certain doom will overcome the foundation.

Description: SCC 073 is a sentient creature [that's able to communicate] to resemble a white sock puppet with 'googly eyes', but seemingly has no hand where a regular hand would go in a commoner's sock puppet.

SCC 073 seems to be able to hypnotize people, making them willing to do his bidding. SCC 073 can be heard speaking to some unknown people, but when personnel is to check this out, SCC 073 will be silently staring at them and nobody would be there. These voices are deemed SCC 073-A, SCC 073-B, and SCC 073-2.

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