SCC 100

Item #: SCC - 100

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP 100 should always be contained in a room with glass windows to be able to observe the corridors of the base and the doctors/guards, must be fed 3 times in the day and if necessary 2 times per day, SCP 100 room must have a twin-sized bed, a wardrobe, and internet access maximum 5 hours a day, no guard should ever enter the containment of SCP 100 without the necessary protection or without authorization.


SCP 100 looks like a girl with brown hair and blue eyes, who measures about 5 ft 3 in, weighing 125 pounds, she has pale skin and is always dressed in black, SCP 100 (or "Katelyn" as it was named). It seems to be able to manifest her anger in a physical form that appears as a little blond girl with curly hair and green eyes with a dress, but this same girl should never be irritated when manifested, if done, she will lose control and will rage at everyone in a 100-meter radius except for SCP 100, her punches are almost 100 times stronger than a professional fighter (example Muhammad Ali).

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