Hello there newbie, assuming you're new.

This is a must read in our site, because it tells you how to get around without getting banned when you did not know about the rule.


1. Do not be a jerk.
2. No NSFW content.
3. Do not put [REDACTED] or [DATA EXPUNGED] or [DATA LOST] just because you can't think of anything!
4. Remember to put -j at the end of a joke SCC's name.
5. Put footnote on non-standard object classes.
6. Use common sense.
7. Do not get into colorful arguments.
8. Do not spam.
9. Do not disrespect people.
10. Do not make a big change to anything without the permission of the author.
11. Do not say 'cool' or 'this sucks', give constructive criticism.
12. If you turn SCCs into an official SCP on their wiki, give credits to the SCC author, and then link the SCC.
13. Put [[module Comments]] at the end of every page you make!

Naming/Profile Rules:

1. No colorful language in your username.
2. No NSFW content in your pfp or username.
3. Do not use a character's name that was made from someone else.

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